At CODY LABORATORIES we are dedicated to
providing the HIGHEST QUALITY generic bulk active pharmaceutical ingredients under cGMP conditions.


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Are you a self motivated individual? Do you want to make a difference with what you do? Look at our career opportunities to see if Cody Laboratories fits into your career path.

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about cody labs
Cody Laboratories, Inc. provides a large variety of pharmaceutical products to its many clients, which include some of the largest drug companies in the world.

Cody Area
Spectacular views, warm-hearted people, and a quality of life that is undisputed; this is what you will find when you journey to the wild west. There are many things to keep you busy whether it's sightseeing, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, shopping or just relaxing.

Career opportunities
Cody Laboratories offers its employees the unprecedented opportunity to work with and learn from the most innovative and accomplished chemists in the industry while working on cutting edge, state of the art equipment.


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