Cody Laboratories is committed to compliance with all Local, State, and Federal requirements and regulations governing our business, especially FDA, DEA, DEQ, OSHA, Wyoming State Board of Pharmacy, and customer auditors.

  • We are routinely inspected for compliance by these regulatory agencies.
  • We have successfully passed all inspections for over 10 years.
  • Our active pharmaceutical ingredients are used in FDA approved commercial drug products.
  • We are actively engaged in continuous improvement of our quality systems in accordance with current FDA guidance.

Controlled Substances Registrations

  • Cody Laboratories operates in a registered facility for the manufacturing of DEA Schedules I – V substances.
  • Cody Laboratories possesses import registration for narcotic raw materials.
  • The DEA registrations include Research, Analytical, Manufacturing as well as import and export registrations and importer registration for list I and II chemicals.