Company Culture


  • Am I positive, patient, and persistent?
  • Do I follow through on the commitments I make?
  • Do I strive to perform my work right the first time?
  • Do I perform my work safely?
  • Do I strive to set and reach SMART goals?


  • Do I cultivate and propel creative ideas to better the company?
  • Do I strive for the new and best solution?
  • Do I consistently ask “why” to find better ways?
  • Do I actively identify and eliminate waste?


  • Do I stand up for my opinion, actively participate in the debate, and then support the final decision?
  • Do I help team members learn and improve?
  • Am I passionate about the success of the company?
  • Do I treat others with respect and honesty?


  • Do I get involved and actively contribute?
  • Do I conscientiously consider the impact of my actions on other employees, the company, the customer, the community, and the environment?
  • Do I take pride in my work and run it like I own it?
  • Do I build and foster the trust of others?

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